Day 1: Fresh Bread


For 2014, I have no “New Year Resolution’s”. I intend to step out of the norm and figure out what I’m passionate about. I wish I could say I had a list and was organized about what I want to do, say, or try but if I did then I wouldn’t be doing anything different than what I already do now.

Today’s experiment was bread. I made it from scratch. No bread maker here. It took three batches before I got it right. I don’t know what made me wake up this morning and decide that it was bread day.

I didn’t realize how much time it takes for dough to rise and once it did , I had to wait again for the dough to rise once I put it in the bread pan. For once, it was pretty peaceful while I worked happily on my project. The normally noisy household was quiet. The sounds of my mixer, a few choice curse words, and the beautiful mess I made made for a very pleasant day. I’m glad that I tried making bread. I hope to learn some more recipes and really test out my skills. Can’t wait until tomorrow to see what I have planned.






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