Countdown to the Ship Part One

In thirty days or so, I will be headed back to a USS UNDERWAY (not a real name…but you get where I’m going with this).  My mind is racing all over the place.  The last time I was on a ship my oldest daughter was young and lived full time with her dad.  She wasn’t with me all the time so I missed her but I could put it out of mind.  It will be a different story this time around.  This time when that huge aircraft carrier pulls away from the pier, I know that at home I will have three young kids that will definitely know if I’m not at home or not.  Will I be able to block them out of my mind good enough so that I can handle my business?  Is it cold of me to never have pictures of them hanging in my rack so that I don’t see them?

What happens when I’m onboard?  It’s been a long time since I have been to sea.  Will I be sea sick?  Will I get lost?  Would I be less courageous if I were to say that being on a ship this big is really getting under my skin?  Something about closing hatches, water tight doors and scuttles has me feeling very claustrophobic.  Will I have to sleep with a gas mask on to help me get used to the idea of having something on my face?  That way, I won’t panic and then everyone will know that that I really am claustrophobic.

For me, it’s like being a Seaman Recruit going to a ship for the first time.  Except this time when I cross the quarterdeck for the first time (all over again) I know my life will be changing again.  Am I really ready for this all over again?  I ask this question as if I have a choice…

Just some of my thoughts…more to come.

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