My Three Year said What? 9 December 2014

Let me paint the picture. It’s dark and raining outside. We are outside of the grocery store under one of the parking lot lights waiting on Dad to run in and get a few items.

Mommy: Yes, buddy.

Son: I’m not buddy. Call me baby.

Mommy: Sorry son, I forgot.

Son: Mommy

Mommy: What?

Son: I have something on me.

Mommy: What?

Son: Mommy (in his super annoying whiny voice)

He really can’t put into words what’s on him.

Mommy: WHAT?

Son: It won’t come off.

I unbuckled my seat belt, climb over the front seat and turn the flashlight on my phone on. I look at his head, body, hands, and legs but I don’t see anything. I turn my flashlight off and turn back around.

Son: It’s back on me. Get it off.

I immediately turn around.

Mommy: What is back on you? A spider, a bug, what?

Son: That…

The raindrops hitting the window are creating a shadow on his skin. The moment was priceless but I did manage to keep my composer. I told him that it was just a shadow but he wasn’t even remotely trying to hear that. He just wants them off.

I pulled his pants legs down. There. Problem solved.

My lesson for the day is that we live in a big world and every now and then things can be a little bit scary.

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