Chocolate Orgasm

A year ago, I was introduced to meditation and yoga and I got to tell you, by the time I left I couldn’t wait to go back again.

I thought I was in store for some crock of shit class with some hippy ass teacher and indeed she was. I didn’t have time for any hocus pocus or any other kind of mumbo jumbo, however, here I was sitting in a class learning how to meditate and after a few minutes she pulls out a bag of chocolate. Seriously? Chocolate! The first ten minutes of this class, I keep telling myself that I am knee deep in rich people shit but I don’t want to bring unwanted attention to myself so I kept my ass in the class. With the bag of chocolate and an hour to kill she definitely had my attention.

The relax restore class changed my relationship with chocolate forever. I “tasted” chocolate for the first time. No, I’ve had chocolate before but I was just eating it. (To be honest a snickers bar is always awesome but it’s that cheap shit. I need a real piece of chocolate-the shit I can’t even pronounce~you know…the GOOD shit) I TASTED chocolate for the first time. Ok, I’m lying, maybe I’m fucked up for saying this but I think I had a orgasm.

You be the judge

I hold this little round ball of chocolate in my hand. I close my eyes and think about all the workers who made the candy. Deep breath in…exhale. I put the ball of chocolate in my mouth. Deep breath in…exhale. The chocolate slowly starts to melt. I concentrate on the flavor. My eyes are still closed. I can feel the chocolate melting in my mouth. There are hints of cherry, sea salt and dark chocolate. There’s something sensual about the taste. Deep breath in…exhale. I can really taste the chocolate now. Then the ball broke and the creamy filling filled my mouth…my pulse quickened…I suddenly feel very happy…

Needless to say, the chocolate was fuckin awesome…

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