Just ain’t Christmas

“Christmas just ain’t Christmas without the one you love”…I think that’s how the song goes. I’m with a fifth of the one’s I love and I just feel like I am out of sorts. Maybe it’s because I started looking at Christmas decorations at Halloween? Or maybe it’s because my families are all so far away? Or maybe because most of the kids are getting older and they really don’t believe in Santa anymore. Could it be that there is so much turmoil going on in the world right now that my heart is extra heavy? Is it possible that I’m just a little sad because this could be my last normal holiday while I am on a ship?

Who knows?

There’s this sadness about the Holiday. It’s so commercial now and I think I only said Merry Christmas three times this whole holiday season. I didn’t even want to get into the whole Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas debate. I haven’t even looked at television much because every thing on it is about race and hate. Maybe it all plays a part.

Weird I tell ya.

My three year old was the probably the main bright spot in this whole Christmas holiday. He’s seeing everything for the first time. Like this is his first real Christmas. He knows what’s going on. His excitement was genuine and it helped me remember why I love this time of the year. He doesn’t quite get the whole Jesus’ birthday thing yet but I won’t give up on trying to tell him. His excitement was infectious for a bit but reality sets back in.

Love just ahead. Peace within. Peace be still. Peace be with you.



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