Republicans are Afraid of Black People?

I guess I am really getting to that point that I feel the need to express myself when ever stuff is on my mind pretty heavy. As I was watching tv, I saw this commercial for Roland Martin’s television show and the commercial said. “What are black people going to do once President Obama was out of office and why are Republicans afraid of black people?” My mind instantly went into WTF mode.

My real question is what difference does it make if he is in office or not? Every President has their own agenda. People as a whole aren’t going to the polls on election day to vote anyway. People who have no business getting elected or re-elected are still in office. It’s not a republican or democrat thing either. Right now, our country is all over the place because everyone has an agenda and these elected officials aren’t out to serve the people in the way that they should. When you put your agenda ahead of the people you serve then that’s a problem and it doesn’t matter which party you represent.

The comment that really got under my skin the most is the statement that, “Republicans are afraid of black people.”

I mean, I’m black and Republican. Did I miss the bus? How can I be afraid? Who said, that black people are afraid of Republicans? I didn’t sign a petition or any other roster saying I was afraid of Republicans. I don’t think people did an online poll with the question being asked.

I don’t know why the commercial pissed me off every time I saw it on tv but it really got under my skin in a major way. I guess, I am getting tired of getting clumped up in categories and people keep speaking for me. I just want to see responsible journalism from the so called tv personalities.

I think I am just frustrated.

I’m frustrated with anything that has to do with politics and everyday issues. In this modern age of technology, I would think that we would be closer at bridging the gap instead of moving farther apart. I’m so tired of everyone playing the race card.

Ghandi said it best that when we put ourselves into categories, that’s when the separation occurs. I am just so tired of being put into a category because of the color of my skin. I’m even more irritated that we can’t just tell the story for what it is instead of putting the race spin on it.

I’m American as far as I’m concerned.

I VOTE. I serve my country. I pay my taxes. I’m a law abiding citizen. I don’t have a criminal record and hell in the 20 something years that I have been driving, I have only gotten two speeding tickets.

Maybe I am overreacting? Maybe I’m not…

Okay, I am getting off my soapbox now.


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