My Top FIVE Excuses for 2014

Everyone is writing their successes and failure of 2014 and at first, I had planned on doing the same BUT I decided to go in a different direction.


Exercise/Lose Weight. Sounded good didn’t it? I joined a gym with the masses who actually thought this was a GREAT New Years resolution. January, can’t get the forms filled out fast enough. February, attending classes regularly in spite of the fact that my evening workouts were keeping me up a night. March, my attention is starting to drift. April-December, what gym? I paid for a membership that I didn’t use and if on my terms, I could have had a small Louis Vuitton clutch or wallet, or something.

Eat Clean. managed to make it until May with my eating clean diet but it’s tough, especially for a family of five it can be down right expensive. I attempted to get a green thumb. Planted a few low maintenance veggies and herb and they all DIED except the aloe Vera plant (pictured)

The package said it was easy, just a little water here and there. Bastards!

Body Maintenance. I planned on keeping my hair, nails, shaving, makeup, and eyebrows maintained…lasted about a month. No, wait…I get my hair done every two weeks. I guess I kept that part of my promise. The shaving…maybe every three months or so…too much work and I can never get through an entire shower without the shrill little voice calling, “Mommy, where are you?” I get up at O’Dark Thirty every morning and I hit my rack…I mean…bed late. I’m definitely hitting the snooze button for sure. No make up for me…the hour to get my nails done can be used more wisely…for like cleaning or laundry…

Ramen Noodles. I had to give them up due to their high amount of sodium that the noodles contain. I tried to keep kick the habit…cold turkey too…EPIC FAIL…I want to eat them all the time! I love Ramen Noodles with hot sauce and black pepper in them. I gave up my favorite breakfast while I was eating clean but I missed them. Every cup of noodle’s that I passed on the shelf, I just wanted to pick them up and hug them, then give them a little hot water and I bit of a nibble. HEY, don’t judge me. I LOVE ramen noodles.

Quit smoking/no Mt. Dew. I haven’t killed anyone and I’m sleep deprived. Enough said…

If you haven’t noticed I definitely had attainable goals but I’m guilty…it’s plain and simple…

I’m freakin lazy…

My best advice for 2015 is to DO YOU. Be your best you ever. What ever fills your heart and puts a smile on your face!!!

Happy New Year!!!


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