My 5 Favorite Playtime Activities


Try to remember a time when you didn’t take life so serious, in time, we go to work, pay bills, do adult stuff, meanwhile time is just flying by.  How many flowers did you stop to smell?  How many stars did you make a wish on?  What about the birds chirping outside your window early in the morning, did you look to see what kind of bird it was or did you pull the pillow over your head and curse the bird, instead?

Kids keep everything fresh and new, especially the little ones that don’t have a filter on life yet.  Kids say whatever pops into their minds and they normally tend to be fearless.  With most willing to try something at least once.image

Here’s my top five list of things that I enjoy with my son:

1.  Jump Puddles.  Depending on the temperature outside we play in the rain and jump the puddles with attention to deeper puddles because we can then make a big splash.

2.  Make a Fort.  Use boxes, sheets, blankets, pillows, chairs, tables, etc… Dress up in costumes and then let your imagination run wild, just be creative.

3.  Dress Like a Super Hero.  I’m the best Hulk there is.

4.  Adventure Walk.  My ABSOLUTE favorite.  Favorite!  Favorite!  We walk around our neighborhood (Which becomes an African Safari) exploring.  My neighbors probably think that I’m nuts when I’m trumpeting like an elephant or roaring like a lion.

5.  Log Rolls.  Find a steep hill, lay down and roll down the hill.  When was the last time you rolled down a steep hill and just had a great time?

Hopefully, it will be helpful to someone.



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