Stuff My Three Year Old Says #2

Stuff my Three Year Old Says…#2

It was one of those rare occasions that mom and dad go pick up the boy from daycare together.  As Dad was putting the little one in his car seat, Dad is all in my son’s face kissing on him and asking him how his day went.  My son was laughing and wiggling with glee in his seat when he suddenly stops.  He says,

Son: “Stop”…

Son: “Wait”…

Son: “What’s that smell?”
Dad says, “I don’t know.”

Then Dad starts talking again…

Son: “Dad? Dad?…what’s that smell?”

Dad says, “Are you trying to tell me that my breath stinks?”

Son, “Yes.”

Then he giggles.  Kids…I tell you.  I’m just glad that he said it about daddy and not mommy.

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