My Everything

He is not my dream guy.

You know the type…tall, dark, and handsome,

With rock hard abs and a smooth silky speech.

You know the type.

Apparently, I don’t even know my type.

He’s my height, a little round, a loud talker, with a big booty.

He probably can win a burger eating contest.

He is a guy’s guy.

Who spends less time in the mirror than me.image

He’s not a prima Donna, cause that’s normally what I like.

But he smells good and always wears that cologne I like.

His snoring chops down the entire forest nightly.

He gets on my nerves.

We never agree on anything.

Plus, he’s a Cowboys fan.

Yet he’s my everything.

They say opposites attract and I love him so…

That’s why he’s my everything…

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