The Magic Lady Bug

My little lady bug...

My little lady bug…

When I first joined the Navy and moved to Virginia, I would drive home to Cincinnati on the weekends to see my oldest daughter and my mother.  One weekend my mother gave me a stuffed lady bug.  I’m not sure what the significance of the lady bug was.  I just took the lady bug because she wanted me to have it and when I left to go back to Virginia, I threw the lady bug in the back of my car and brought it home.  I didn’t give the lady bug much thought.  I just took care of it because my mother gave it to me.

On one of the very rare occasions that my mother came to Virginia, she saw the lady bug in my room and was shocked that I still had it.  I did.  I wasn’t sure why I was holding on to it but I knew I couldn’t throw it away.

This little lady bug has seen a lot of action, traveled various places, and been on a deployment or two.  The lady bug lived with me in Korea and when I was a little sad, I slept with it.  When I came back from Korea my mother had a heart attack, as I laid on the floor crying trying to figure out what to do, my trusty lady bug was with me. Helping me sort through my thoughts and providing comfort.


Before I was to leave on Friday, my son was very wound up and he didn’t want to go to sleep because he knew when he woke up in the morning that I would be gone.  After several hours of him fighting sleep, I asked him, if he wanted to borrow my lady bug while I was gone.  He immediately wanted the lady bug.  He hugged it and as he was hugging the lady bug I told him to take really good care of the lady bug because my mommy had given it to me.  He said, “I know”, “I will”, and then he squeezed it tighter.  He laid down with the lady bug and he seemed a lot calmer and was okay.  He said he would take the lady bug for show and tell.  Then he kept rubbing the lady bug and saying, I love you mommy.  On Friday, I got an email with a picture of my son and his lady bug sleep.

Somehow, the lady bug was making him brave.  He wasn’t so upset and it’s like the lady bug is whispering to him that he’s okay.  Your not alone!  I’m with you!  After I saw the picture, I decided it was finally time to find out if there was a meaning to my mother giving me the lady bug.  I went to google and typed “lady bug” and I was kind of shocked what I learned.

Lady bugs are linked to luck, protection, the fulfillment of dreams, and joy.

In my mind the lady bug is magical and I know that my little lady bug is being a good friend to my son just like it was for me and that’s all that matters.


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