Late NYR/Goal List…

I said that I wouldn’t make any New Year resolutions because I already have a long list of goals that I haven’t accomplished yet.  There are a few things in my life that have become non-existent these days.

Here are my four new additions to my goals list:



Now you maybe wondering why I would add something as petty as shaving and waxing to a list but here’s the deal.  My son will be four soon and my excuses are well…expired.  Actually, it’s not because I’m lazy, my problem is that I can never get in and out of the shower without interruption.  My son can be down stairs playing or engrossed in something displayed on his iPad or dead asleep in a coma, whenever he hears the shower turn on he makes his way to the bathroom.  My relaxing shower turns into a peep show or better yet, a reason to be mischievous.  It’s amazing what a three year old can find. (Note to self…next time you lose something, turn on the shower…the boy is certain to find it).  I, shave my legs when time allows probably every three months or so.
I will use my duty days on the ship to shave my legs.  Problem solved!

Schedule a Quarterly Spa Day


I would love a spa day and before I had my son I would sneak away every month for a little mommy time.  A massage, a facial, and a little waxing would all be so nice but everyone else’s schedule gets in the way of scheduling it.  I can barely make my hair appointments but with a little juggling I manage to get it done.  I will have to use the same creativity with planning a spa day.  I don’t need to go every single month but I do need a little bit more me time.
Since I’m determined,  I’m going to splurge and hire a sitter for a couple of hours.  Now I really don’t have any more excuses.

Wear Real People Clothes


Every momma knows how it is.  I have a closet full of clothes that I never wear.  I’ve resorted to my PT clothes as my wardrobe of choice.  When the baby was little, it was just easy.  Then somewhere in transition I got lazy.  It’s easier to just slip on some sweats.  I went from fab to drab in three years.  Before, it was always a fashion show whenever I left the house now I’m lucky if I even match.  I have clothes with tags on them just collecting dust.
I NEED to wear them.  Period.

Wear my Shoes


This one is a little tricky.  Do you know how hard it is to wear five inch heels while pushing a baby stroller?  I’m not Beyoncé.  I’m not pushing a stroller or carrying a baby in heels.  I do however have to wear my girls at some point.  My girls miss me and I miss them.  They are carefully lined up in my closet in alphabetical order, collecting dust.
I am wearing my babies, period.

Hit the driving range


I love golfing.  I live on a golf course yet I haven’t been to the driving range in a LONG time (we are talking once in a four year period).  I have got to do more things that I enjoy and not let my kids dictate my schedule so much.  I may sound selfish but I’m turning into one of those women that goes to work and then home, I only take part in my kids interests.  I think I have knocked the balance off in my household anyway.  Everyone expects me to do everything.  Dad is living on easy street, the kids have me car pooling, and the boy and I are attached at the hip.

A trip to the driving range every two weeks will do for now. Next year, I will attempt 18 holes.

My little list of New Years resolutions may sound silly when I explain them. Yet mom’s have a tendency to get wrapped up in the kids and forget to live a little.  If I make a list, nine times out of ten, I will make sure the list is complete.  So yes, this year, I vow to be a little bit more into me for my own well-being.


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