#1 Reason Why I Don’t Mess With My Neighbors…

When I moved out on my own I made it my business to not mix and mingle amongst my neighbors.  The decision was easy for me, growing up where I did the old ladies in the neighboring apartments knew everything about everybody.  It was hard to get away with shit back then.  My lesson was simple, if my neighbors don’t know me or anything about me, you can’t talk shit about me.

I managed to keep this logic all these years until now.  I mean, don’t get me wrong I have a conversation here and there, I get caught up on all the gossip but there’s not come over for dinner or board games kind of thing going on.

Over the summer, my middle child/youngest daughter was hanging out with a little girl around the corner from us.  The little girl who we will call farm girl #1 rides horses and took my daughter with her to the farm a couple of times.  After a lot of begging from my daughter, convincing from FG#1’s mother, I decided to let my daughter lease a horse from the farm.  As I would later find out, damn near all of the little girls in the neighborhood are leasing horses at this same farm, including my next door neighbor who owns to horses at the farm as well.

Now my business is farm gossip.

What happens when all the little girls hate each other on Tuesday?

What happens when helicopter mom is pissed off because her daughter is arguing with another little girl?

I’m glad you asked because I will happily tell you.  A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT!

I will give you the condensed version…

My daughter was playing at FG#1’s house.  FG#1’s mother was bad mouthing one of the other farm girls…we will call her FG#2.  The mom was carrying on about FG#2’s stall not being cleaned out and saying some other slick shit.  My daughter decided it wasn’t right for everyone to be talking behind FG#2’s back when she wasn’t there.  I’m sure you can figure out what happened next.  My daughter told FG#2 what FG#1’s mom said. FG#2’s mom was really pissed and said something to FG#1’s mom about what she said.  My next door neighbors decided to fuss at my daughter about repeating something she heard an adult say.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t agree with what my daughter did but after talking with her, I understood where she was coming from and she felt it was the right thing to do.  I told her that it was noble of her to stick up for her friend but she was indeed wrong.  Both FG#1’s mom and my neighbor decided to make sure that I was back filled on the situation.  I thought the problem was squashed.

What happened next…I didn’t see coming…

My daughter has been ostracized by FG#1 and my next door neighbor.  My daughter never said anything but I started asking question when the parents and my neighbor started driving by my house trying hard not to look in my direction.  Only FG#2’s mom was still speaking to me and still wanted to carpool to the farm.

Now I’m pissed…

Lucky for me, or maybe I should say lucky for them this ship has kept me away from the farm.  I didn’t want to renew my contract for the horse but my daughter loves her horse and it has been a great confidence builder for her.  Especially, with me back on a ship and bouncing in and out of the house.  What the fuck?  I’m still boiling hot and it’s been a month or so since it all happened.  My child didn’t post to wiki leaks with secrets that are harmful to national security.  She’s 10.  What the fuck do you expect out of a 10 year old?  This is why I don’t like mixing up shit with people I live with. 

I’m not happy with how they, “Grown Ass Adults” are treating her.  A 10 year old!  Now I have to address it and I’m worried that this hot ass temper of mine will turn me into HOOD mommy on these suburban bitches.  Then she really will be a one girl show because she will get an additional label.  I can only meditate and pray that I can be a bigger person and handle this situation calmly.

I knew that I should have stuck to my guns in the beginning.  When she wanted to ride, I should have gone on base where it would have been way cheaper and away from my neighbors.  The real downside to all of this is that she’s been working really hard to be able to show her horse in the horse shows.  My neighbor and the farm owners own horse trailer and I do not and have no plans of owning a horse trailer in the future.  I love my daughter but I am not all in on the horse yet. She will just have to keep practicing until I can figure something out.

My lesson in all of this:

Fuck carpooling

Don’t work and play where I stay

Stick to what I know

Leave the bubble alone

Whew!  I feel a little bit better.

Thanks for reading.

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