My Bad Habits

I’m one of those people that will make two positive changes and as I am making them, pick up two more negative lifestyle changes in the process of trying to do right. I decided to take a look at me a little bit closer and figure out what kind of long lasting changes I can make to improve my overall well being. My list of habits is pretty mild considering but dangerous because I smoke. I have had the opportunity to read all about other people and their problems and in comparison I really have it pretty good.

I truly have a moderate list of bad habits. My plan is to tackle this list of goals on habit at a time. I know that smoking is at the top of the list but I am not sure if I can start there first. I think I need to focus on some of the minor issues first.

Here’s my list:

I’m a cross between a medium and heavy smoker. It all just depends on what’s going on in my world at the moment. When I am very busy, I don’t have time to think about smoking so I can usually put it off for while. When I am at home, going outside to smoke is how I get a free minute away from the kids. Sadly, I smoke the most when I am at home, especially if my three year old is being a little bit annoying.

Bad eating habits.
(I have malignant hypertension…not good)
I managed to spend the first half of 2014 on a clean diet. Eating clean is very expensive especially for a family my size. My husband and I are both on active duty and our schedules do not offer the flexibility we need to cook elaborate meals daily. Also, at the present moment, I am back on a ship and even though they offer a few more varieties of food to eat, most of the meals are prepared loaded with sodium. The food is also horrible and when something just doesn’t look good, of course you won’t eat it. My diet has consisted of MT Dew for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a side of ramen noodles.

Lack of exercise.
There’s no way around this one. No excuse I can give either. I’m lazy and after a good workout the pain that I feel the next day is always a deterrent and yes, there’s no mad rush for me to hit the gym or even walk farther then the parking lot for that matter. There’s no way around exercising on this ship. I can only hope that I won’t be too embarrassed when we have group PT. If am embarrassed, maybe I may take it a little bit more serious then.

I have learned the hard way that being up to my eyebrows in debt isn’t a good thing. It took me about ten years to pay off everything that I owed or outstanding in. Now that I am older, I want to live below my means by minimizing my finances. The goal for my retirement is not to work hard. I have to retrain my brain, wants, and needs to meet these goals.

Don’t drink enough water.
I hate water. Okay, I don’t hate it but I am very picky on what kind of water to drink. Unfortunately, I have this medication that requires me to drink more than the recommended amounts of water for a normal person and I don’t. My lack of intake usually has me dehydrated to unsafe conditions yet I am hard headed and just don’t want it. I have to start making some drastic changes soon if not; I could be increasing my risk of kidney failure.

Bad MT. Dew addiction
I can drink a 12 pack of soda in half a day if I could. Actually, I have done so before. I usually buy 4 20 oz bottles to take to work with me everyday. I have attempted to quit drinking soda but my headaches were worse than any migraine headache that I have ever had. For some, they may not like this comparison but I feel like an alcoholic when I don’t have my soda. I drink it 24/7 and there’s never a wrong time to have it. It’s never too early or too late. My teeth and kidneys could probably use a serious break.

Not taking care of my body
I’m terrible about not taking the time to really take care of my body. I shower but don’t moisturize. I don’t shave my legs, arm pits, etc. I just don’t because I think I have gotten too comfortable. I have a husband now so I guess the realization is that I don’t have to try hard any more. This is such a false statement in reality but I’m delusional, what can I say?

I love the drama of waiting until the last minute. The down side to this bad habit is that I don’t put my best effort forward for the world to see. I give them my mediocrity instead of my best. I have convinced myself that I work best under pressure and that’s not really true for anyone. Stephen R. Covey gave me the tools. I have implemented a few of the habits but in order for me to be my best, it’s time for me to learn some new tricks.

After reading my own list, I honestly think that the bad habit that needs the most attention first will be the Mountain Dew Habit. I can probably get away with smoking for a bit longer but the Mountain Dew is hitting my health the hardest at the moment. I once read that if you successfully break one habit you will be more motivated to make more changes. Wish me luck. I plan on journaling my experience.

Upcoming: My week without Mountain Dew

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