Free or Cheap Family Activities

I want to incorporate a family fun day into my family’s schedule. You know…a day where we turn off our cell phones, logout of our social media, and actually laugh, talk, and enjoy each other’s company.

I’ve created a list of free or fairly cheap activities for us to try out. Now you, I’m going to have to write about our experiences and with my crazy family, I should have some great material.

Here’s my list:

Go to the park/field and play soccer.
Paint or draw together.
Play kickball.
Create a scrapbook.
Gather food and drop off at a food bank/shelter.
Rent a DVD and make popcorn.
Go to the zoo.
Visit friends.
Play hide-and-seek.
Go bowling.
Have a water balloon fight.
Make homemade pizzas.
Fly kites.
Go on a hike.
Go on a bike ride.
Make cupcakes and decorate.
Go for a picnic at the beach.
Play in the rain.
Blow bubbles.
Color in coloring books.
Have a water gun fight.
Play at the beach.
Make breakfast for dinner.
Play red light, yellow light, green light, go.
Go to a museum.
Write stories together.
Play board games or card games.
Create a family blog.
Make a craft project.
Play keep away.
BBQ and roast marshmallows.
Go camping.
Take a walk at the state park.
Family talent show.

***If you haven’t noticed, most activities require movement and interaction with each other.

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