A Week Without…Snacks

I managed to get through an entire out to sea period without eating any extra snacks.  Last week, I told you about my quest to try break one bad habit at a time.  Here’s how my week went.

We left on Tuesday.  I didn’t eat breakfast at all ( I never do), I had noodles for lunch, and picked over my dinner. I went down to my rack for a shower and then to turn in around 8:30 pm.  My stomach was growling and howling by 9:00 and I really wanted those lemon oreo cookies that I have stashed in my desk.  Instead of putting my clothes back on and walking back to the office I finished off my water and went on to sleep.

On Wednesday, the seas were wild and my stomach did a flip flop or two but I refused to eat a salty snack like chips, cheese crackers, gummy worms, or snicker’s bars. I still didn’t eat breakfast but I did stand in the chow line and have some lunch and dinner.  I noticed that I have extreme heartburn right now.  I don’t know if it’s because I have increasesd my water intake or if it’s because everything they serve has some kind of sauce on it.  I have been eating olives along with my meals to cut down on the amount of heartburn that I am getting.  I am sitting in an indoctrination class right now and everyone is snacking on their chips and candy bars.  It’s killing me because I just want a bag of Lay’s to eat.  I keep thinking about chips.  I love potato chips and I know that I am only trying this experiment for the week so I can live a week without the chips.  Dinner, I piled my plate up to make sure that I wouldn’t want to have a snack later.  So far, when I eat the meals as scheduled and drink a tall glass of water, I can do pretty good with not thinking about candy or treats.  I let someone open my oreo cookies because they wanted a snack.  I wanted to tell them to just take the pack and go away but I had great discipline.  I gave them the cookies and then closed the package and put it away.  I do not believe in wasting food so there is no way that I am throwing those cookies out.

Thursday I just kept sucking down Mountain Dew.  I somehow think that drinking the soda was compensating for the sugar that I wasn’t getting with all the other sugar I consume.  By now, my stomach is a mess because I just can’t seem to “go” and if I were to break down and have a candy bar I am sure that it would help me out some.  By bedtime on Thursday, I got out of my rack and went on a pursuit to find me some cookies.  I really needed those cookies.  I could taste them through the wrapper that’s how bad I wanted to eat the cookies.  I laid in my rack for two hours thinking about the oatmeal raisin cookies that were tucked away on F1.  Fate dealt me a blow and the vending machines were being filled so I didn’t get a chance to get those cookies.  I drank a bottle of water and imagined that the water was the sweet taste of cookies and then went to sleep.  Sad face.

Friday went along smoothly.  I stuck to the plan of only eating the meals served on the mess decks and tried to consume as much water as possible to help me stay full.  I did okay today.  Yeah me!  Down side to this…I still can’t “go” and my stomach is no longer just doing belly flops.  Now I am up to full blown ninja kicks and sweats. I need to “go” so bad but nothing is happening.  My lesson for today is to never travel without laxatives because I know better.  There’s always a chance for constipation when your body isn’t used to eating the food (starchy) and drinking the water (ship made…not bottled)

Saturday someone left some oreo cookies on my desk as way of saying hello.  I ate the cookies.  I didn’t want to be rude so I ate them.  The guilt was real. I felt so bad after eating those cookies that I decided to fill my pain with some gummy bears.  Then I had a cherry cobbler, more cookies, lemon oreos this time and then a candy bar.  Now, I decided to wash this down with an apple juice because the norm for this week is that I haven’t been able to “go” and after all the crap I consumed I thought it would be enough to get me into the toilet and that was not the case.  I’m a week in and still nothing.  I really have no idea if I am throwing off the balance in my body by not having any sweets.  I’m probably not but I like to think so because it makes me feel better. LOL!

After a week, I have found that there has to be a balance to everything.  I denied myself of junk food and sweet stuff and the outcome wasn’t good at the end because I sucked down massive amounts of sweets at the end. Maybe, with some more discipline I will be able to eat a little less junk food and possibly cut it out completely over the next year but I don’t know.  We will see.

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