Animal Cruelty

So there’s big fish…little fish
There’s the three girls
Then the one young man
There’s the feisty puppy
Then there’s my favorite favorite child…

Dixie Doodles is my favorite child out of all my children.  She’s the most resilient old lady in the world to me.  On a random day in my boring existence I walked into a Petsmart to get some replacement fish and there she was.  I tried to walk past and she jumped up and licked me as I walked by.  It was love at first sight.image image image image image

Dixie has a very interesting story and it began before she and I ever met.  She’s a boxer pit mix who is believed to have been a victim of doggy rape and used to breed pit bulls.  Someone grew tired of her and tried to put her in a plastic bag and drown her.  Someone found her with a collar embedded in her neck and a plastic bag over her head.  She was nursed back to health and I was the lucky person who adopted her.

She’s a survivor on so many levels.  Dixie was heart worm positive when we got her.  She had this awful cough and had to be taken to the vet within the first week of us getting her home.  They had to do some pretty rough procedures but she survived.  There was the almost run in with cancer, she had a large mass growing in her mouth, which resulted in her having to get most of the teeth in her mouth taken out.

I love this dog.  She’s my best cuddler, my best protector, and my fierce feet warmer.  When ever I’ve gone away and come back my baby girl shows me that she misses me.

I usually try to keep my big opinions to myself but I can’t today.  I saw some ignorant person on Facebook beating a dog and it made the hairs on the back of neck stand up. Instead of liking or sharing these posts we need to start reporting these people.

Animal cruelty is wrong.

My animals are a big part of my family and I don’t or won’t let anyone mistreat them.

There’s a special place in hell for people who harm animals, children, and old people.

Animal Cruelty-

Let’s put an end to animal cruelty!!!

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