The Free Gift Card…

Attention All Walmart Shoppers

I love love love love Walmart. Did I forget to mention that I love Walmart? Walmart is a paradise for category all of the above.  If you were to stand against the wall at Walmart and just watch the people you definitely see that there is a variety of sorts that walks through the doors.  When I retire, I want to be a greeter at Walmart that way I can always have a fun filled day.

Now over the years, I am sure that you’ve seen your fair share of the pictures of how people are dressed so I won’t really go into that but I will tell you about my latest encounter of weird things that happen at Walmart.

My husband, son and I recently went to Walmart to let my son get a toy because he was such a good boy while I was gone and he had his little gift card burning a hole in his pocket.  My son, loves Walmart just as much as me and he practically has the store memorized and knows where everything is.  This by far, is a story all on its own.  I’m drifting…let me get back to the point.  We are standing in the self check out line and there’s a lady trying to use a gift card but it’s not working.

Now me, I’m not nosy.  Okay yes, I am.  I’m not all in your grill nosy but I can multi-task so of course I was paying attention when the sales clerk came up to try to assist her.  The lady said she got the gift card when she was in Walmart on her last shopping trip.

The clerk asks her how much did she put on the card?

The lady tells her nothing.

The clerk asks her how did she buy the gift card and the reply was priceless.

She says, “I didn’t buy the card.  I just picked it up because I thought they were free.”

The clerk:  “So you didn’t pay for the gift card?”

She says, “No.  I just picked it up when I was here the last time.  I thought they were free and when I come back to do my shopping that I pay with card.”

The clerk, “Well if you didn’t pay for the card, how did you expect to use it?”

Then she asks her again if she paid for the gift card.  The clerk was very polite but I could tell she wanted to tell her that she stole a gift card and of course there was no money on it.  The lady asks if she can go ahead and put money on the gift card so that she can use it.

The smart ass in me is wondering a few things, like:
Don’t you realize that you have openly admitted like three times that you stole this card?

If you have the money to put on the gift card why don’t you just use the money that you have and carry on smartly?

Where the hell are the damn cops?

If that would have been me, there would have been a crowd of employees escorting me to customer service desk while someone secretly called the police.  I’m kind of unlucky like that.  I tried to put myself in the clerk’s shoes and ask myself, “What would I do?”  The lady looked like she honestly made a mistake but thieves are good like that. I probably would have dropped the hammer on her because in this day and age, you can never really tell if people are being honest with you or not.  I had a good laugh while walking to the car because I was only in there a short time, so I can imagine what happens for the employees that work there all day.

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