Your Greatest Protector Needs To Be You

I can relate to this dad because I know I will and am the over protector of daughters.

Dear Malin Reese,

Recently, on a flight from Costa Rica to LAX, three guys, all around the same age, sat down in Row 44 of a Boeing 737. The guy who sat in the window seat was tired. He’d just been to Costa Rica on a business trip and was really eager to get home to his wife and daughter. The two guys who sat next to him were good friends. The guy in the window seat knew this because the middle seat guy said “You’re my best bro” a handful of times to the aisle seat guy before the plane had even taken off. MSG and ASG seemed frat-boyish but ultimately harmless. Right before WSG drifted off, he heard ASG say, “Bro, I still smell her on me.” Charming, thought WSG, but quickly fell asleep.

Let’s move ahead to a couple hours into the flight. WSG is minding his…

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