9 Years for the Serial Rapist…

Darren Sharper is what I would call a serial rapist.  He’s a serial rapist.  There’s no spin that you can on it to make it sound pretty.  If he wasn’t Darren Sharper he would get life in a Nevada prison.  Why didn’t he get life?  Didn’t he deserve it?  Isn’t that the law for normal bastards that break the law?  I’m so tired of people of privilege getting away with crimes with a slap on the wrist.  I don’t understand the logic behind the justice system sometimes.

I wonder how his victims feel about his slap on the wrist?  What a slap in the face to the women he assaulted.  

How does a mother who put a fraudulent address on a school application for her child get 20 years in prison?  All she wanted to do was put her kid in a better school.  She was a teacher, tax payer, and law abiding citizen…

WTF?  All I can do is shake my head…Sad Face! 


I’m done venting now.

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