Body Swap

The Question:  If you could switch bodies with someone who would you swap with?

Kids can be funny, shocking, and appalling all at the same time.  Yet they ask questions all the time that seem simple enough until you really think about what they’ve asked.

So…now I’m thinking….and…still thinking…

Would I want to swap with a someone beautiful and talented, and rich like Beyonce?  I mean that would probably be awesome.  I could experience what it would be like to have everything sitting in the palm of my hands.

Would I want to swap with a public figure who could influence a generation of people like Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr., or Malcolm X?  What would that feel or look like?

Would I want to swap with someone who’s bedridden with a serious illness so I could know first hand what they are going though?  Would that make appreciate my life as it is right now?  Would it give me an insight on humanity and compassion?

After pondering over so many obvious choices of people I could swap with, I finally decided that I don’t want to swap with anyone.  I admire all the people I mentioned but overall, I love being me.  

I mean, I’m pretty awesome!  God made me wonderful.  With all this awesomeness why in the world would I want to be someone else?

My daughter wasn’t expecting my answer.  She appeared shocked and I asked her who would she swap bodies with and she picked me because she admires me and I’m her hero.  Now, as flattering as it was, I told her that was a bad idea.  She walked away, head down and sad.  I walked to the bottom of the stairs and called up to her, “When your finished being mad, come back downstairs and I will tell you why.”

When she came back downstairs, I could tell she had been crying but I pressed on anyway.  I told her that she should just be herself.  She’s more than enough.  I love that she’s her own person and I want her to be who God created her to be.  It’s okay to see celebrities and great people but use them as an idea of who you would like to become in her success and greatness.

I don’t think she liked that answer anymore than the first answer that I gave her.  I was truly happy she chose to swap with me but I want her to be better than me.  Even though I am pretty awesome…

If you could switch bodies with someone who would it be?  Please share your thoughts.

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