“In My Opinion”

“In My opinion”, as soon as the words come out of the mouth we already roll our eyes and throw the head back. Opinions are like assholes, right? How often do you find yourself on the other end of a, “In My Opinion?” I just want to tell them/him/her before you give your dumb ass opinion, you should just stop. Do you think they may become offended?

My teenage daughters seem to think that I give a fuck about their opinions. “In My Opinion.” What the fuck? Did you just say to me, “In My Opinion?” Just stop! More often than not the sentence doesn’t even get a chance to come out. The mouth didn’t even get a chance to form the rest of the words that were getting ready to come out of their mouth. I can see it now…”Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?” Fuck no!!! You lost me at “In My Opinion!”

Up until recently, a few Sailors would say “In My Opinion” and the disruptive laughter right after usually threw them off a bit. Half of them have been in the Navy for all of two short weeks. Take for instance, the whole hands in the pocket thing. I told a Sailor to take his hands out of his pockets. He honestly looked at me with such conviction, then told me the instruction didn’t say anything in detail about is hand in the pockets. Of course, I was up for a challenge and wanted to see with my own two eyes what dumb shit he thought he had read. I had already read the instruction and I know that he is wrong. He was wrong as soon as his lips started to move. After he couldn’t produce the document to show me the rules, I calmly corrected him and was prepared to carry on smartly. Then he did it…yeah…you know. “In My Opinion…it’s a dumb rule anyway. Ug! Just when! What the fuck??? Really? Then I had to act a fool. (I don’t think it would be a great idea for me to repeat some of the stuff that came out of my mouth. I’ll let you use your own imagination.)

“In My Opinion”…it’s a conversation killer! I’m personally tired of opinions. Opinions without actions or convictions mean nothing to me. Everyone has an opinion but they do nothing! Nothing! I have a love/hate relationship with social media. Many people post shit, myself included (but in my defense, I keep a lot of comments to myself) and we share so much bullshit or make dumb ass comments in our opinion but we (myself included) will have no further action after we’ve hit the share button. We should just take a spatula and smear the shit more. Fuck that, since we are being messy, we should just fucking finger paint in the shit we smear. Yeah, I know. I’m a fucking hypocrite. I’m talking a lot of shit. We try not to use “In My Opinion” in conversations now! Have you noticed? We simply say fuck it and we now say, “I think”. We wouldn’t know an original thought if it kicked us in the balls.

Yeah. I said it.

Well…! Here goes… “In My Opinion” we’ve become so complacent in our words and actions. I/we/she/he need to figure out how we move past our opinions and make our words and actions mean something. What if we changed our opinions into “I’m a man/woman” of my word. My words become actions and not just a comment, like, share or an “In My Opinion” hidden behind a veil. What if your words/actions and not opinions had the potential to change the damn world. What then? What the fuck would that look like?


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