Five Things I Couldn’t Live Without as a Child.

1. McDonalds Happy Meals. When I was a kid and you ordered a Happy Meal, you got a real happy meal. The meal came with a real toy or a real book. It was just real. Happy Meals did the job that they were intended to do, that’s make a kid happy.

2. Roller Skates. Forget roller blades! Real roller skates were the shit! We would go roller skating as a family when I was very young. It was always fun to see my dad, sister and brother roller skate because they could do all the fancy foot moves and dance on their skates. As an added bonus, when I received my very own pair, I loved skating outside. Who doesn’t like roller skating down a steep hill? Skinning a knee or an elbow was a real badge of honor. One time, I was skating so fast and couldn’t stop, I ran into one of those nasty bushes with thorns. I have a long scar on my leg from where the thorn cut my leg open. I think I actually cried that time.

3. The Park. Man oh man! I loved jumping off the swing. The higher the fall the better! I knocked/broke my front two teeth going up a slide the wrong way. God that was a fun time! The park was the best place to have a birthday party. You had grass, dirt, ants, bees, cake and ice cream…you know…all of the fun stuff in one place.

4. KingsIsland. The BEAST! Need I say more! It took forever for me to be tall enough to ride. For the real roller coaster junkies, the Beast is best ridden in the dark. You can’t see anything and no matter how many times you ride it, if you can’t see, it’s like riding for the first time.

5. My Bike. I rode my bike like a mad woman. I rode down stairs, steep hills, raced, and off-road in the park. I even broke a few ribs trying to be the dare devil that I am.

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