4 Things I Could Really Use This Underway

It’s been almost a year since  I’ve been underway on this fine Navy Warship.  Although, I had almost no time to plan for this trip.  I’m mad because I made rookie mistakes and didn’t get the essentials done before I left.  Here’s my list that I am kicking myself over for not having with me at the moment.

  1.  Firehouse Subs.  The owner at my friendly Firehouse Subs usually makes me a Steamer w/extra meat and cheese only.  For the last two years, I have gone either the day before leaving or the day of to pick my sandwich up.  Actually, I have a standing date with the Firehouse guy every Wednesday.  It’s my dirty little secret.  With me not getting my sandwich everything feels out of whack here.
  2. Dulculax Laxatives.  If you’ve ever had any form of Navy chow then you will understand why.
  3. Big Mac.  I am not sure why I crave Big Mac’s underway.  I don’t even eat them any more.  Every free moment that I get, my mind wonders right to the 2 all beef patties, special sauce…see…there I go again.
  4. Lemon Oreo Cookies.  I always pack three packs of cookies to take care of my sugar craving, my stress relief, my pick me up when I miss my family, and my I am just greedy snack.

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