Random Thoughts

I’ve been meditating for a couple of years and I’ve finally gotten to a point where I can meditate and clear my mind for a good solid hour.  I’ve noticed that the deeper I meditate, that I have more random thoughts throughout the day. Sometimes my random thoughts are distracting and have my mind all over the place. Which for the most part, has been very helpful and I have been channeling my thoughts into blog posts. Today, I decided to keep track of the random stuff that popped into my brain. I only tracked an hour because even I lost interest in some of the stuff I was thinking. 

My list of random thoughts:

  1. These referees are missing too many calls. I should be calling the games.
  2. I stink maybe I should write about this organic deodorant I’m using.
  3. Did I shower today?
  4. Why did I bother to clean the kitchen?
  5.  Maybe eating that ice cream wasn’t a good idea.  
  6. Why did I eat that ice cream?
  7. I feel like baking a cake.  Is after 10 maybe that’s a bad idea.
  8. I like Modern Family.  Why didn’t I know about this show sooner? I still don’t really know what the show is about. Maybe I should Google it?
  9. This game is boring. Russell Wilson hasn’t been the same since he got a girlfriend. Aaron Rodgers hasn’t been the same since he got married either. They played better when they were single. Now they are distracted. 
  10. His feet are hot. Is he coming down with a cold? Is he sick? Could this mean, a day off? Is it wrong to be hoping that he is sick so I can get a few days off? I haven’t had a day off or taken any leave since June. 
  11. Maybe I should start a video blog? I’m kind of boring. What would I talk about or do?
  12. I watch too much TV. 
  13. Did I really eat all those cookies? What will happen if I eat the whole pack? Peanut butter Oreos taste the best stale?
  14. Am I really that weird?
  15. Is picking your nose really a bad thing? The boy really likes it. Maybe there’s something to this? I should research. 

It’s a wonder that I even sleep at night. My mind is always wondering. I did however make my goal of writing and posting something today. What are some of your random thoughts??? Feel free to share.  

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