Guest Post: New Year

I am showcasing a friend of mine’s work. They aren’t ready to start their own Blog yet. Make sure to show them some love in the comments.

New Year by my guest Blogger
As many prepare to embark on a new journey in the new year please note:

You can’t leave someone behind in a previous year. Like where are they going? Where are you going? To another dimension or something? It’s up to you to recognize what people contribute to your life and well-being (either positive or negative). While you can’t leave them behind in 2016 you certainly have the option of not dealing with them anymore.

For all the ones that plan to lose weight and get fit, understand that it’s a life-long change not just a temporary process. Physical change doesn’t happen overnight or in a few weeks, it takes time and dedication. That’s mean eating right and exercising frequently. If you’re doing one but not the other it’s basically like mashing the gas while your car is in park. Starting out is always tough but over time you’ll feel better and look better. That is as long as you apply the correct amount of self-discipline. Speaking of discipline….

…tax season is not baller season. Don’t make the mistake of using your refund to satisfy wants. Use that money to pay down bills or invest in your future. Going out to eat and buying things are nice but that satisfaction is short lived. While it may feel good to have a stomach full of Red Lobster, it feels even better to have a bank account or two with a comma in the number.

Make a vision board. When you are able to physically see what you want to accomplish it makes it tangible. Make sure you keep it somewhere where it can be accessed and as long as you work at it, at the end of the year you’ll be proud of the progress you made.

Happy new years ya’ll. Here’s to better decisions and even better living.






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