Guest Post: Life is Short

Life is Short

Let me start by saying I hate heights. I hate heights!

So over the weekend I had some roof work to do to the house, so rather than pay I decided to do it myself. So after some careful planning and a 20 foot ladder I found myself on top of my house with a hammer, a couple nails and a bad case of the shakes.

Many thoughts went through my mind while I was working. Most thoughts were about what could go wrong and how do I make sure this ladder stays put. At that moment in time I truly valued my life and wanted to make sure I lived to see another day.

Coincidently enough my neighbor had pulled into the yard from attending a funeral around the time I was coming down from the ladder. As we started talking he told me that the man who had passed was about a year younger than me.

Later that day I received a call from my wife’s uncle saying that her grandmother’s medical condition has worsened.

In the grand scheme of things we’re all here for a set amount of time. For me personally I believe at times I take this time for granted. Not just when it pertains to me but when it pertains to the people I care about as well. Often I catch myself saying “oh I’ll talk with them later” or “oh I’ll get around to it later”. Later may be never come so take some time to appreciate the time we have here among the living.       

I. C. Williams

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