You’ve had a tough day. Everything that you thought could go wrong, did.

The snooze button was hit one time to many. Now your in a frenzy trying to get ready for work. Make up or no make up, that is the question?

As soon as you rapidly dress your kid, have him sitting on the couch waiting for departure he now finally has to go pee. Yet, he waited so long that he doesn’t get his pants down fast enough. Peed right through his pants, socks, and shoes. Now your running back upstairs for an emergency clothing change and a quick bird bath so he won’t smell like a men’s room all day. 

Finally, your out the door! Kid is dropped off. Hit the freeway and because of the mini rain shower the freeway is backed up further than usual because folks wanted to play bumper cars. Every 50 feet or so there’s a mini clump of cars that have bashed into each other. 

Finally, in the parking lot for work. You’ve arrived and hour and a half late. You just keep telling yourself…your the one in charge so “technically” your lot late. Once inside, you get the subtle looks of disapproval and the nonchalant glances at watches. At this point, you just want to give every one the two gun salute but hey, that would be unprofessional. 

Finally, you muddle your way through your day. Only to get home and realize that you didn’t set any meat out from the freezer for dinner so dinner is going to be a free for all. But wait, you haven’t done the grocery shopping so you are left with all kinds of foods that don’t match. Pizza! Pizza it is! 

The rest of the night is a blur:

Dishes – done

Dogs walked and fed – done

Kids to bed – done

Fed the fish and the frog – done

Lunches packed, clothes laid out – done

Finally, after all the hustle and bustle of your busy day, all you want is a nice long hot shower before you get up and do it all again. 

Showers on…you step in…anticipating what the hot water is going to feel like on your very exhausted body…the water is freaking LUKEWARM…

Total let down!

Maybe tomorrow will be better. 


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