Can Men and Women be Friends? Guest Post by Anonymous 

Sitting here thinking. I don’t most of time, but I have been this week…

Can men and women just be friends? 

Can two married people be just friends without their spouses?

What if each spouse doesn’t know how much the two actually talk via messages, social media, calling, etc. Is this wrong? 

In my opinion, if your spouse doesn’t know all details of your convo, then there is something wrong with it…it’s OK to be friendly and stuff but if your conversation can not be shared and it crosses friendship lines then you are in bad grounds period. 

Are you in a relationship as such? 

What are your options? 

I have no issue with friends but secrets etc cross alot of lines. Respect is a two way street! In my opinion, that’s what’s wrong with folks these days..they always looking over the fence imagining about the grass in the other yard.

So I repeat. 

 Can men and women just be friends and leave sex out of there conversation or thoughts? Hmmmm?

Please be kind…I’m using my blog as an outlet for some shy writers. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect my own opinions ~ Prudence 

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  1. Of cause they can. Why would you want to be married to someone who you think would instantly start to think about a friend in a sexual context the second you are out of sight?
    I am male and I left a long term relationship. I made the decision and talked it through with a long term friend who is female. She listened and gave me impartial and practical support. Months later I met my new partner and that same friend supported me when I was scared about falling so deeply for another person. My partner now is afraid of my friendship with that friend, when in reality that friend has wanted me to move on in life and be happy and is a firm supporter of my relationship.

    Many people, male and female cannot be trusted once you take your eye off them, but if it were true that people cannot have friendships without sexual attraction, nobody would ever get married. Your partner should want to meet your friends and welcome them into your life together.

    I find the idea that I cannot talk to another woman without feeling sexually attracted to her a bit insulting. All I think about is how much I adore my partner. The assumption that I would forget her once she isn’t in the room makes my love for her seem cheap and the idea I would be unfaithful is transposing the faults of other men on to me.

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