Words spoken like they came out of my own head.


Social media and mobile games are a bane to my time drainage. They literally sucked my time out of me, and splintered my attention into probably a million pieces after years of over-utilizing these platforms.

Fragmented attention, a term coined by a person who was speaking at Ted talks about quitting social media, is a very prominent syndrome that is eating the living attention out of me. My focusing range is impaired significantly over past few years, I could not sit still and study, or do the things I am supposed to do, unless I am unplugged.

Social media is something that gave me the enigmatic anxiety, the extra burdened information for my mind to run through, there are tonnes of freaking posts about virtually anything, as your eyes brushed through them, your attention is splintering right in front of your eyes, and the burden that your mind have to…

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