And the Award for the Best Vegan Sausage goes too…

Yes, I’m fresh. Yes, I still have a lot to learn, and yes I still have a lot of food to try.


So far…this is the best vegan sausage that I have ever tasted.

After my curry experiment went down the shitter real quick. I still needed to eat and the good thing is I broke down and went to Whole Foods earlier today and I found the sausage that I was looking for.

Are you fucking ready for this? I sure the fuck wasn’t. I bought some Field Roast Mexican Chipotle flavored sausage. I cut up the sausage, chopped up some sweet potatoes, some onion, and sautéed it all together. I added garlic, sea salt and nutritional yeast into the mix.

The smell was shameful. Shamefully fucking good that is. Shit it smelled good. But since I’m not fucking regular, I got out the vegetable stock and tore off a bunch of kale and added it to the game as well. What can I say? I’m a fucking genius.

The sausage has nice heat to it. Kind of spicy but also a little grainy. BUT! All workable. Not overwhelming to the point that it distracted me from shoveling the food in my pie hole faster than I could get it on a damn fork.

I added my concoction to some jasmine rice and I’m still shaking my head wanting more.

If you are new to the game, like me, just let me tell you. I will definitely fuck with these sausages again.

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