Have you ever seen Big Bird’s nest on Sesame Street? It’s probably been a while especially when it’s not shown very often. Big Bird of course has this massive sized nest, as he should since he is of course, Big Bird. I find myself comparing my nest to Big Bird’s. I mean, for a while my nest was pretty big. All four of my baby birds and Papa bird fit into the nest quite nicely. We had room to grow and grow is exactly what they did. GROW! And they grew some more and now they don’t fit into the nest like they used too.

Now, I spend a lot of my time perched up in my nest, spending a lot of time alone with my thoughts. It’s funny, as they get older, so do I. I have to face my own mortality, the baby birds having birds of their own, finding jobs and flying away. For a while I felt sad but then quickly felt refreshed because I remembered what Papa Bird said about that empty nest.

An empty nest means freedom. Free to fly to Vegas. Free to fly here or there. Fly anywhere! Sex here. Sex there. Booze in the morning if I want. Booze at night if I like.

Just freedom! The empty nest isn’t looking so bad anymore.



For today’s writing prompt, my dumb ass had to look up the word to find out what it meant before I could respond.  According to Webster’s New Basic Dictionary:

Dubious (adj) 1.  Causing doubt:  equivical.  2.  Reluctant to agree:  skeptical.  3a. Questionable as to qualify or validity.  b.  Verging on impropriarity.  4.  Not yet decided. – dubiously (adv)

Well shit…I have been causing doubt, reluctant to agree, always skeptical, to the point that I think that people are questionable in their ability to qualify or validate my sanity because my behavior is always verging on the impropriarity of others but yet I have not decided if I am all that dubious or not.

My own humor to spark my day.



I have had the honor and privilage to serve in the world’s finest Navy for the last 20 years.  I think about whats important to me and why I continue to serve. 


I think its really simple because…


 I love my country. 




For those who are no longer with us. I salute. 


Happy Veteran’s day to those who’ve served past, present and future. 

If you’ve served…show some love and post a picture. 

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” ~ Hellen Keller

Good day to you.  I just wanted to let my readers know that I am thinking of them.  I hope all is well.  There’s so much going on in the world right now.  With all this noise it can be hard to focus.  I wanted to give you a reminder.

Take a pause, a deep breathe in, exhale, and take a moment to just be peaceful and in the moment.

Be a great humanitarian today!  Be thankful for your blessings! Walk in Love and let peace be still!


My Dixie

I had Dixie for 11 years. We had a lot of cuddles, a lot of eating, and many prison breaks that resulted in me chasing you around the neighborhood in my car. You’ve traveled to many places and you left pounds and pounds of white hair every where. You especially liked staying at the Hyatt. You snored the loudest in their comfortable beds. 5 Star accommodations for a 5 Star friend. We survived 10 vacuums, a few remotes, and plenty of great times. Above all, you were my eyes and ears when Junior was getting into stuff. He didn’t mind you laying on him as a pillow or stepping on him while he was sleep. There’s always room in the tent for you. I will miss you sooooo much my love. You were more than just a dog.