Maiden Voyage – Cape Charles KOA

We went on our first trip to the Cape Charles KOA Resort in Cape Charles, Virginia.  This trip entailed us going over State Route 13.  We had to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.  For those who aren’t familiar with the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, let me tell you.  The CBBT is 23 miles long and crosses at the Hampton Roads Harbor and a large opening of the Chesapeake Bay.  The CBBT can be scary in a car, on a clear and bright day and will still have nasty wind coming across the bridge.

Now factor in a lead footed bandit, a half ton truck, and a huge ass trailer, two dogs, a bitchin wife, and a partridge and a pear tree.  I couldn’t even sit in the front seat.  My nerves were freaking frazzled.  I had my nails embedded in the seat in front of me, the truck felt like a tug boat with the way it was rocking and heaving.  Hubby got the very first wind shear and finally decided to listen to his wife and slow the hell down.  Don’t get me wrong, the speed limit was 55 and we were doing the speed limit but with that much weight and so many moving parts, 55 was not a good idea.

Now remember, this is our very first trip.  We had never actually had to park the RV anywhere before and this was our first spot.  Our first camp site, that just so happened to be a what?  Yeah, you guessed it…a back in site.  The KOA attendant was patient but he was also cracking jokes at us a bit.  Which, wasn’t really my idea of a fun time at that moment.  I noticed that when your pulling into a campground site, everyone stops and watches as you park.  After three failed attempts to get parked, a concerned citizen came over from his site and offered us the best advice for parking (we still use it today).  Once we got parked, we were off to the races.  We had full hook ups and we used our own appliances from home so I didn’t realize we didn’t turn the gas on.  We couldn’t figure out why the shower water was ice cold.

And to add insult to injury, I kept blowing fuses because I didn’t know that we don’t have the same voltage like we do at home.  All the girls had their cell phones plugged in and I was using electricty too so needless to say, I learned by trial and error what I can use and what I can’t use while I have stuff plugged in.  By the time Roderick had came back from working, I had already tried and failed a few times.

The KOA resort we stayed at was amazing.  For our first trip we were close enough to home but far enough away to not go home.  Our site was close to the pool and the beach area.  What I really loved was the dog beach.  My dogs and my grand doggy got a chance to let their hair down and enjoy themselves too.  The atmosphere was electric.  Music and a real sense of community.  I see why people love going to campgrounds now.  This tight night community of strangers is cool to see and expericence.  Of all the trips we have taken so far, Cape Charles KOA was my favorite.  The other campers really make the place fun and when my kids can drop their phones and have fun as well…well…there you have it.

A lot of times, people have the misconception of what an RV park is like.  Myself included!  I had this ill conceived notion that it would be noisy and the people would look and act a “certain way”  because this is the picture that is painted to the outside world and it’s truly not the case.  The people weren’t rowdy.  People followed the rules.  They rock out and party, are very inviting, cooked out, had campfires, sung a little karoake, and when quiet hours started, you could hear a pin drop.  I was so sad to leave but we had to get back to reality.

Here are the three take aways from our trip:

  1. Don’t start drinking too early in the day.  You may be passed out drunk by dinner.

  2. Preparation makes cooking meals a breeze.  I did a pretty good job of packing for our trip but cooking on the grill for every meal was not a good idea (for me…especially when it’s over a 100 degrees.)

  3. Don’t forget to pack sunblock.  The mosquitos didn’t eat us up but the sun sure as hell did.

My First Mammogram

I got a new doctor. This guy was pretty thorough and I must say, has been the first person that even brought up a mammogram in all my doctor visits since I’m over 40.

Now we’ve all heard nightmare stories about Mammogram’s and how painful they are. My worry was that they were going to squish the fuck out of my extremely large breasts. I mean really, most women that I know…mind you, I am a Sailor. Most of the women I spend my time with are young enough to be my daughter so mammograms are not the scalding hot conversations that we have on a daily basis.

Anyway…I was able to get an appointment right away especially since most of the elderly military retirees aren’t breaking down the door for a boob appointment. If it was heart related…forget about it. I would still be sitting here waiting for an appointment. I know how some of the corpsmen are for other departments in the hospital are so I was expecting some asshole to be on the other end of the desk when I arrived.

Must have been my lucky day because the nurses I encountered were very nice and polite. Which did put my mind at ease a bit. When I got into the room, my nerves were on 10. I just kept thinking how much pressure were they going to apply and was it really going to hurt too bad. My brain immediately went to to a stupid cartoon where the cars are at the junk yard and are on an assembly line and at the end is a creepy-scary face chomping down on the cars as they passed through and are destroyed. My poor big breast were going to be devoured.

As I sat there, waiting for the technician, it kind of set into my brain. This machine could be the bearer of bad news. This machine has been kind to some women and given good news. This machine has also…shattered people’s lives. Loss of loved ones and friends. Loss of mom’s and grandmas, aunts, sisters, and best friends.

Fear set in. The fear of the unknown. Could I be next? Would they pull me into a room and tell me horrible news to? What about my kids? What about my husband and friends? So many things all at once. As I stared at this innocent machine…I wanted to cry. I just kept thinking about so many women who’ve stood in this same room before me.

The nurse must have felt my energy when she came back into the room. She tried her best to tell me to relax. That it’s common and routine to get this test done. See, she was thinking I was afraid of the procedure. I wasn’t. I was afraid of the results.

My mind was flooded with to many thoughts. I stood up to the machine as this woman started taking the pictures. My mind was so distracted that I don’t even remember what the procedure felt like. Until she did a side shot and had to squeeze my boobs from an odd angle. That shit hurt…son of a bitch…managed to mumble.

Once it was done, I left. Feeling numb and fearful. Praying to God that these results came back normal. The waiting seem to take forever. I wish it could be a faster process. That someone could just tell you immediately, like an X-ray what they saw. Two long ass weeks before someone called me back.

The news was good news but I didn’t feel fulfilled. I just kept thinking about the next woman that was in there. Did she feel a lump? Were her results good too? Getting older can be scary. Yet, I get to live to tell another story. I can only appreciate this moment and be happy in this moment.

For anyone that has not taken the time to get a mammogram because you’ve been scared to do so. Please take the time to get it done. Yes it may be scary and even slightly painful but ignorance can be a killer.

Writing Anxiety

Every few months you can get good content out of me and then like clockwork my ass drops off the face of the earth. This time, I went all the way off the grid and decided that it was just too scary to even push the WordPress app to see what other people were writing.

I think disappointment in myself was the main reason for this new anxiety. There’s nothing more frustrating then writing and pouring out your heart and having no one read it. To be honest, I didn’t give it much thought. However, I was doing good and starting to meet new bloggers and forging new relationships with them when I dropped off the grid.

I wouldn’t learn until almost 8 months in hiatus that I learned anxiety is a very real thing. See this year, I had a real anxiety attack. I thought I was having a heart attack and was going to die. Come to find out, stress, working and family life was really getting the best of me. Even trying to come up with blog posts was stressing me too.

Every where you read about having a great blog says that having helpful content is what will give you a better following. Well I’ve racked my brain. Stressed about it. Shut down. Shut out. And flat out stopped writing…AGAIN. I just like writing. There’s nothing special about it. I don’t know enough about being a civilian to really know how to tell someone what to do.

So again…like last time. I just vow to do me. I did however come up with three tips to deal with getting in your own way.

Are you ready for it, here goes:

  1. Write
  2. Keep writing
  3. Write some more

The Kitchen – Friend or Foe

The kitchen has been my friend and my worst enemy lately. I went to the store and bought all kinds of vegan and organic items for my consumption.

My fridge is over flowing with fruits and vegetables too. I’m trying hard as ever to do right by my body but this shit is getting harder and harder and I just want a piece of meat.

The problem I’m having is three fold.

1. I feel fucking guilty about the meat.

2. I can’t stop thinking about meat.

3. I’m fucking hungry.

I’m so confused. I don’t have enough food that I am comfortable eating all day or that I have time to make during the day. I’m getting up in the middle of the night hungry. Should I go back to half and half until I’m completely ready to transition completely. I’m asking all of my vegan peeps to weigh in.

Gardein Classic Meatless Meatballs

I’m such a fucked up individual. No wait!

Let me explain.

They (as in my family) had meatball subs for dinner the other day. Mind you, I couldn’t eat them because of my recent surgery and I try not to force my beliefs off on them so I felt bad for deceiving them with meatless meatballs.

I tried to write this shit with a straight face but I can’t. Who the fuck am I kidding? I fucking did it. I switched the meatballs, didn’t tell them and they fucking ate the hell out of them.

I honestly love the Gardein Brand of meatless food. I can get my sometimes picky and critical food critics in my house to eat them without skipping a beat is a fucking miracle.

Anyway…I just wanted to share that I got my kids to eat their fucking veggies.

Beet and Pear Salad Remixed

I saw a recipe on FB for a Pear and Beet Salad. I sent my husband out with a shopping list but my ass forgot to add a pear to the list. For some reason pears aren’t up on my list of things that I have around the house. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why. It’s simple! It’s a fucking piece of fruit. For years my existence has relied on Mountain Dew and Nicotine as my primary food groups.

Needless to say, I substituted an apple in its place along with a bunch of other items. I used pecans (cause I don’t like nuts…no pun Intended) and green peppers. I got this recipe off of a vegan site and the recipe called for honey. I thought that honey was on the no no list but depending on which website you go to I guess there’s a debate on using honey. Since I had to choose a side, I said fuck it and chose to use the honey. If i fucked up…my bad. I’m sure one of the vegan experts will correct me later. Moving on…

So let’s get to the real shit…the taste.

I remembered that I fucking like beets. As a matter of fact, I didn’t want the rest of the rabbit food. I just wanted the beets. The beets were sweet. I fucking love sugar. I guess the good thing is that the beet offered a better sweetness than me eating a shit load of donuts or cake. My waist will thank me.

Overall the salad was pretty good. Apple and beet on the same fork. Yum! Fuck yeah, I can definitely eat it again. I had to baked potatoes with my salad and I saw a video where they rubbed the potato with olive oil and kosher salt before baking. I followed suit and the skin came out crispy with a hint of salt. I wasn’t childish today! I ate the whole fucking thing. The skin was the best damn part of the potato. As for the pecans, well let’s just say, you all can keep that shit unless it’s wrapped up in some fucking chocolate.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture before I stirred it up on my plate. But you get the fucking point.

I’m having surgery today to remove a tumor from my jawline. I probably won’t be able to eat shit for a couple of days. But we will see.

Beefless Ground

I’m still working it out on this journey of veganism. I still feel like these pre-made foods aren’t really hitting but part of this journey is the experimentation.

I originally tried the LightLife Smart Crumble in a breakfast burrito and I couldn’t fuck with the after taste in my mouth. Mountain Dew couldn’t even wash the taste out.

However! I need to eat! So…

I tried the Gardein beefless ground. I was skeptical and not really trying to get my hopes up. I decided that I wasn’t going to fuck up an entire dish trying this shit so I decided to make some rice and the crumble and have that for breakfast.

I added a little paprika and cayenne pepper and warmed on the stove.

Needless to say. I can definitely fuck with the Gardein Beefless Ground. The shit was good. I think I have found my new go to product.

Can you say Whew! I was starting to feel some kind of way. This new journey is going to be a fucking crazy journey. I have a lot of shitty bad habits. But my outlook is one fucking day at a time.

I even got my husband to substitute his breakfast meat this morning. Fuck yeah! One day at a time. Baby steps.


Have you ever just looked around at this big world and ever wondered where do you really fit in? Fitting in can be a daunting task. We say we don’t care what other people think about us. Yet we do. We say that we love the way we look but yet we peer into the mirror wondering is it good enough? Is it cute enough? Will someone say something about me?

The older I get, I am truly embracing me. I don’t care what people think of me. I don’t care what people say about me. I’m a little plump…I got the whole saggy boob thing going on. I even have the squishy butt that’s heading in the same direction as my boobs. Yet still I say FUCK IT. Who has more swag than me?

I’m carving out my own image. My own mind set. My own individuality! I’m playing by my own rules. Today I am eating meat. Tomorrow, I will be a vegan all day. The day after, I will be whatever the fuck I want. That’s the lovely thing about life it changes daily. It changes by the minute. It changes by the second.

Carve out your place in life. Be great! Do you! Be happy! Be helpful! Be kind. Fuck it! Be mean if that’s what makes you happy! Just carve out you!


Wild Rice Vegetable Soup

I’m trying to expand my palate and make veggies sexy again. LOL! I know. Nothing like a corny ass joke to try to buy time before I express how I really feel.

The soup…second attempt to make a healthy conscious soup that may stick to my bones.

This shit wasn’t it! At least not for me! Wild rice is up on that list with Brussels sprouts. The soup was OK. I would make it again without the wild rice. The recipe called for squash, cannelloni beans, celery, bay leaves, onion, and vegetable stock all in the crock pot. Six hours later…the vegetables were still fucking hard so I left it cooking. 10 hours later…soup! Wild rice and all!

Now out of all people in my damn house, I expected to be in love with the soup and to be the only one to like it. I didn’t expect my husband to like the soup. So…I guess since he liked it I might make it again but maybe with some brown rice.

The final product.

The kale is added last and I added some fresh cracked pepper.