Five Top Things My Five Year Old Says…

Five top Things My Five Year Old Says Daily:

1. I only peed, do I have to wash my hands?
2. Have you seen a real super hero? (I think to myself, every time I look in the mirror, son.)
3. Did you poop?
4. What’s that smell? Oh it’s me, I passed gas!
5. I never want to go back to school again.
6. You didn’t say bless you, I just sneezed.
7.  You’re my favorite mommy. (Of course I am. Second best phrase outside of I love you.)


The Book List I Shared With My Kids

I love to read and sometimes I find it difficult to keep my kids engaged and excited about reading.  I created a list of my favorite books that I’ve gotten my kids to read and enjoy.

Young Ones:

Where The Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak.  Oh, I just love the awesome pictures  and I love when the kids would make their own storiy by just looking at the pictures.

Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown.  Another one of my favorite books and I think I love it more than my son.  This book just takes me back to my pregnancy with my son.  I enjoyed reading and listening to music with him.  I read to all my kids while I was pregnant but he was the one who appeared to enjoy the book even while he was in the womb.

Corduroy, by Don Freeman.  Personally this book takes the #1 spot as all time favorite children’s book.  I loved it when I was a little girl and now Ioved reading it to my girls.  My son is still not a believer in this book so I may have to try some new voices on him as I read it.

Middle aged Children:

Superfudge, by Judy Blume.  One of the funniest books that my children and I have ever read.  When my kids were making the transition from picture books to chapter book, I gave them this book first.  They absolutely without a doubt loved it.

Ramona and the entire Series, by Beverly Cleary.  Ramona and her friends were always doing something fun or adventurous.  I read ever single book as a kid.  The movies don’t do the books any justice.  I was able to get the girls to read these books after they’d seen the movies and they enjoyed the books also.

James and the Giant Peach, Roald Dahl.  I was perplexed as a child, trying so hard to understand how James came to be inside the peach.  I was excited to share this book because again, the movie does this movie no justice.  The girls had to use their imagination the most while learning about James.  

This is my short list of books.  I could list books until the cows come home because I loved to read about as much as I loved music growing up.  I read an entire section in the library back home.  When I have some more free time, I will have to come up with another list of books that will entice the young reader.  

What was your favorite childhood book that you’ve read and were eager to share with your children?  Please share

Drug Overdose and Over Parenting…A Mother’s Point of View

As a parent of a college student where’s the line of being a parent or butting out?

The hardest part of being a parent of a college student is that you always worry.  You worry that they may drink too much, drugs, unprotected sex, if they are safe transiting around campus, date rape, serial killers, etc.

Recently, my neighbors 27 year old son had a drug over dose and stopped breathing in their living room.  There were plenty of police, fire trucks, an ambulance, and plenty of spectators popping outside to see what all the ruckus was.

Now me being the ever so nosey neighbor of course, it was just the right time for a smoke break.  After the events of the day, I had a moment to really think about what happened and how as a parent I would deal with the the situation should it ever happen to my family.  I do have three other kids to raise, get through college, and then out of the nest completely.

Me and a co-worker actually got into a heated debate over drugs, my philosophy, and a few key issues affecting our young adult kids.

My oldest daughter and I have a pretty good relationship and I feel like we can talk about pretty much everything.  I say pretty much but I think that she maybe hesitant to discuss my sex life.  She has gotten a little uneasy when I’ve told her stories about things I may or may have not done.  We discuss topics frankly because my mom was not an approachable women when it came to certain topics.  Sex was one of them.  We basically got the one threat, “If you get pregnant you better find your own place, cause I ain’t raising no babies.”  That was our sex talk.

MMF and I talk about everything.  I want her to know that she doesn’t have to be alone in her decision making process unless she really wants too.  Sex, money, school, boyfriends, pregnancy, suicide, giving her friends advice or answering their medical questions about female stuff.  I’m all the way game for helping.  Where I’m not open for or even discussion is drug usage.

If she wanted to be a man…cool…
If she’s a lesbian…cool…
If she goes both ways…cool…
If she had a baby…cool…
If she’s confused…cool…
If she got drunk and danced topless on a table…cool…

Those are just examples of what some parents face today…

I/we can get over all of that.  We can keep moving with out missing a beat.  Drugs are a different animal.  You roll the dice in an unpredictable way.  Simple marijuana could be laced with all kinds of bad stuff.  Then there you are…addicted and doing whatever it takes to get that next high.  I’ve seen first hand what drugs can do to a person and families.  I only give the lecture at least once a week about her not doing drugs and that she doesnt need to experiment in this lane at all.  Just stay away from it.  She did tell me that she tried marijuana once and I think I took it well.  I think that her respect for me was apparent because we had a honest conversation about it.  The good thing is that her heart didn’t really agree with marijuana so she didn’t get that good feeling that everyone else did.  She almost got herself a one way ticket to the emergency room.  Lucky for her she survived and it was a bad enough experience that she won’t do it again.

Getting back to my co-worker, she said that I didn’t have the right to tell my daughter not to do drugs.  That she was a grown woman and that if she wanted to drugs that who was I, her mother to stop her.  I think my face turned red as a stop sign.  I went into labor with my child a full 25 or so hours before she was born.  She’s mine.  Her dad’s too but she’s mine.  I gave birth to her.  If she was 45, I would still tell her not to be doing drugs and that she should stay away from them.

The look on the mother who’s son who had just over dosed and died in her living room was just too much.  Luckily for her, he was able to be revived and they can try again for recovery but there are so many parents that aren’t as lucky.

So I ask you, my loyal readers, is there ever a time that a parent stops being a parent?  Does it end at 18?  Am I wrong for imposing on my 20 year old daughter because I want her to be safe?

Please give me your thoughts.