Big Cry…


Have you ever seen the episode of Everybody Loves Raymond where Debra sends out her entire family for the day so she can have a scheduled cry?  When I first saw the episode, I thought it was silly to schedule a cry.  I just didn’t understand it, although, I guess I could relate a little bit.

I mean we all cry right?  Most of the time we have a reason for the tears.  There’s the laughter that brings out the tears, sappy love stories with the very happy ending, a loved one dies, or is injured, or even the lover who has had their heart broken.

Today, I didn’t actually schedule a cry it just kind of happened.  As I sat on the couch watching a re-run of Roseanne and just like that…hot salty tears just came pouring out of my eyes.  I wasn’t sure where they came from.  It could have possibly been a culmination of sorts.  My tears flowed out fast like a stream or river but they didn’t just stop there…the big cry occurred.  The big ugly and loud cry that I never ever want anybody to see cry occurred.  This crying was hard and uncontrollable and if someone would have walked in they would have thought someone died or that something was horribly wrong.

Then as suddenly as it started…it stopped.


As I sat upright and wiped off my snotty nose, wiped my face, and dried out my very dry eyes there was this feeling of euphoria.  I felt so refreshed and renewed.  The feeling was very overwhelming but yet so good.  I know that Debra was a fake character and the story line wasn’t real but maybe I will start scheduling a big cry session quarterly.  I feel like I sound crazy but the cry felt good.  The only downside to crying…my burning red puffy eyes.  I, however, would definitely recommend a scheduled cry to my friends and family.

Have you ever just cried for the hell of it? Tell me your thoughts…